Pinnacle Meat Now Available at The Ternary

The Ternary invites you to come and try Pinnacle Beef

Inspired by the lofty heights of the Great Dividing Range, the name ‘Pinnacle’ was chosen to represent the best of the best in Beef and Lamb. Cattle are raised in some of Australia’s most prestigious farming country, enjoying the luxury of a cool temperate climate and lush natural pastures. Sourced from areas far and wide such as Gippsland, South Western Victoria, Tasmania, King Island, Flinders Island, Southern New South Wales and South Australia.

This abundance of land ensures maximum free range rotation across pastures and a continuous plane of nutrition delivering a consistency of eating quality that sets it apart from the rest. Over 600 individual farming families produce Pinnacle Beef under JBS strict Farm Assurance program encompassing all aspects of animal welfare, whole of life traceability and food safety. Pinnacle is a naturally grass fed and free range program, characterised by its distinctive natural marbling. Pinnacle is about saying ‘No’ to shortcuts. No added growth hormones, No unnecessary use of antibiotics and No last minute finishing.

In 2011 JBS embarked on a mission to assure its worldwide customers that the beef and lamb it produces are fresh wholesome and safe. Through collaboration with both customers and suppliers an all-encompassing Independently verified Quality Assurance System was developed to high standards of food safety, Quality Assurance, Animal Welfare and Traceability.

Pinnacle Beef is a naturally grass fed and free range product,
raised in some of Australia’s most prestigious farming country.

MSA graded, Boning groups 1-4
Marble Score 2+
Average carcass weight 260-340kg HSCW
100% Grass Fed
% Free Range
JBS Farm Assured
Third party assured
HGP, GMO, Antibiotics free

Brand: Pinnacle Beef
Area: Southern NSW
Breed: British Bred Cattle
Feed: 100% Grass Fed
Grading: MSA Graded
Marbling: MB 2+

“It’s fair to say I’m pretty passionate about the product we produce and now we are getting the recognition we deserve thanks to JBS.
It’s fantastic to have a company recognise the quality of the grass fed product, which is willing to foster and grow this segment of the market”.
Pinnacle Beef Producer, Victoria

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