Food for thought: What’s Hot in Event Catering

Anthony Flowers, the Director of Culinary at The Ternary, Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, shared his insight into the biggest catering trends hitting the market.

1. What are the big trends you are seeing in event menus at the moment?

The current trend within event menus seems to focus on share-style dining, encouraging guests to indulge in an array of beautiful share style plates and platters, with a particular focus on homely dishes such as slow braised lamb shoulder and a selection of accompaniments.

2. What trends are on the way out?

The desire to use imported produce is definitely on the way out. We utilise as much local produce as possible because, after all, fresh is best. In addition to supporting local businesses, when produce is locally sourced, quality is assured.

3. What is the perfect autumn menu in your opinion?

In preparation of the colder months and the desire for wholesome, comfort foods, additional baked items and the utilisation of slightly heavier cooking methods is essential.

4. Where are your favourite places to eat in Sydney?

One of my all-time favourite restaurants has to be Kadmus on Lyons Road, Drummoyne. The family run restaurant offers fantastic food paired with excellent service.

5. What is the one thing you wish all event clients knew about organising menus?

The difficulty in ensuring your menus are both aesthetically pleasing and tasty, utilising seasonal produce where possible and ensuring awareness of all allergenic food items that may be served.

6. What are the ingredients to include to keep your menu on-trend?

Nothing beats a great quality steak, with an even better story behind it, offering a topic of conversation both guests and staff can enjoy.

7. What are your signature dishes?

We like to vary signature dishes, while utilising the same protein. We change the base entirely but in my opinion, you can’t beat a beautiful piece of king fish sashimi or lightly cooked with beautiful accompaniments to compliment the delicate balance of flavours.

8. Who is the most famous person you have ever cooked for and what did you make?

That’s a difficult one. I’ve been fortunate enough to cook for a number of influential people so over time, cooking styles and signature dishes have varied.

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