5 Reasons the Australian Foodie Market Wows This English Chef

It’s no secret that the Aussies and Brits enjoy a bit of rivalry. As such I might be getting myself into trouble here, but credit where it’s due, in all my years as a Brit living in this country, nothing quite amazes me like the quality of the Australian foodie scene and here are my top 5 reasons why.

1. Quality of Produce

I’ve been in Australia 22 years now but am still amazed on a daily basis by the quality of produce this country has to offer. Australia’s unspoilt landscapes and range of climates produce an incredible variety of fresh and exciting foods. That’s why I put beef from Cape Grim and Lamb from Riverina, NSW, on my menu at The Ternary – as far as I’m concerned you rarely need to look beyond our shores to get the best that there is out there.

2. Seafood

When I arrived in Australia I didn’t know what to expect from the cuisine, but I had a sneaking suspicion Aussies loved their seafood, given their reputation for “throwing a shrimp on the barbie.” It turns out the old cliché is true – Aussies love their seafood and it’s no surprise given how fresh and abundant it is. Just visit any of Sydney’s fish markets and you’ll see what I’m talking about – and have your dinner for the night sorted too.

3. Sunshine = happy vegetables and happy customers

Originating from the North of England, I wasn’t used to the luxury of a sunny climate all year round, until I came to Australia. I quickly learnt what a huge difference it makes to the taste and quality of fruit and vegetables and of course, my customers. A bit of vitamin D seems to make everyone happier.

4. New World wines

As one of the biggest producers of the New World, Australia makes some really fantastic wines which are really exciting for pairing with food. As a chef, nothing pleases me more than seeing a dish I’ve put my heart and soul into enjoyed with a perfectly matched glass of wine. At The Ternary we are big champions of Australian wine and offer dozens of different varieties by the bottle and glass at our Wine Bar, so patrons can enjoy the best Australia has to offer in food and wine together.

5. “Everyone is welcome” in Australia

Last but not least, food tastes better when it’s enjoyed with good company. The Australian mentality that “everyone is welcome” has created a rich society of people from around the globe and every walk of life. Nowhere is this better seen than at the Australian dining table, where the food on it is as exciting, multicultural and interesting as the people around it. At The Ternary, we celebrate this idea with our three distinct culinary offerings – the Asian Kitchen, The Grill Kitchen and the Wine Bar – which collectively offer food and wine from cuisines across the globe and a dining style which encourages people to share and enjoy together – the Aussie way.